Coffin – Ballerina Style Nails

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Coffin – Ballerina Style Nails

As for the shapes of the nails, there is nothing more elegant than the so-called coffin or ballerina. Just as its name indicates, the shape resembles the tip of the dancers’ shoes. Ballerina or coffin nails are ideal if you are looking for a daring and different look. They are always stylish with classic red nails or more Avangard designs.An important detail is that this form makes them less fragile compared to others.
Coffin nail ideas with golden details

For the decorated nail ideas and so-called coffin or ballerina nails, there are really modern and diverse finishes. The tendency with the passage of time has framed this style in something exclusive of the long nails.

Whether long or short, the designs we show will turn your nails into true works of art. Don’t look for a pattern that is too complex to look good. Even pastel colors will be very in tune and we guarantee that you will have everyone’s attention. So if you think about a radical change of your look, start considering this style.

The appearance of the same shape changes when it comes to nails in black. If you need an elegant decorated nails idea then you can adorn your black coffin nails with diamonds. Small rhinestones with this beautiful black backdrop will be simply amazing. Keep in mind that coffin nails gained popularity in recent years.

They gain great popularity for which several actresses and singers have taken them to practice. Whether it’s winter or summer, each design evolves and adapts to any trend. We continue with the color trends for the decorated nails ideas and the ballerina finish with the white color.

Nude and white patterns are very fashionable. Another finish to combine with white is silver. The results are stylish and elegant. Here, in the same way, rhinestones have a place, being really one of the most popular. In the case of having doubts about any design, experimenting with this option will give us good results.

Coffin – Ballerina Style Nails